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  1. Haleema Mustafa Ikar Mao composite

    A Canadian couple who were detained by Turkish authorities near the Syrian border in July on suspicion of trying to join ISIS are on their way home to Canada after being released without charge, CBC News has learned.


    U.S. President Donald Trump assailed his former Kurdish allies and said things are "very nicely under control" in northern Syria amid an ongoing Turkish military offensive, despite bipartisan condemnation of his troop withdrawal from the region.

  3. Syrian Kurds in Domiz camp

    Outgunned by the Turkish army and backed into a corner by U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to pull American troops out, the Kurds in northern Syria needed a new protector, writes Margaret Evans.

  4. Eileen and David Connors

    A family of seven who entered the United States illegally by driving through a ditch from British Columbia have been sent back to the United Kingdom.

  5. Brexit

    The U.K. and EU inched ever closer to a Brexit deal, with the leaders of France and Germany suggesting an agreement could be sealed at Thursday's EU summit.